Thursday, August 11, 2011

How Article Directories Submission Help Us In Seo

There are few benefits that article submission to article directories help our site in seo. As We all know that cari duit online is possible if we get enough traffic. Articles submission are basically submitting articles to a place which can be seen by thousand of people and the place i mean is article directory. The benefits of doing article submission is:

Article submission bring us traffic and customers.
There are thousand of hungry reader who surfing for information daily. Those reader are all our customer no matter we cari duit adsense or other networks. As we write and submit an article to directory. We can always add a link point to our site so the reader could click to find more information.

Article submission helps us get backlink

Article submission is believe as a great Seo technique. If you can write good articles. This is a great option for you to gain quality backlinks and customer to your site. There are some article directories allow reader to subscribe on specific categories which mean when you submit new article reader will get an immediate alert. This ensure you to get a targeted traffic and help you to cari duit.

Here are some best article directories.
Ezinearticles, goarticles and articlebase. Just search "article directory list" on search engine and you will get alot of top article directory.


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